CDIO Academy 2017

Welcome to the CDIO Academy, taking place at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Canada from June 18 – 21, 2017.

50 undergraduate engineering students from all over the world will work together to research, design, and pitch their answer to a question that is strongly related to the conference theme, Engineering Education in the Digital Age.

** Please note that the Academy will start at 9am on Sunday, June 18th (before the International CDIO Conference has opened). This is to accommodate a half-day trip to Banff, Canada on Tuesday. **

The question being asked at the 2017 CDIO Academy is:

       What is the biggest challenge facing autonomous vehicles, and what may a solution be?

Project introduction and competition information can be found here.

CDIO Academy registration and accommodation information is available here.

Additional information on the CDIO Academy can be found here.